On Millennials and Power – Use it, or Abuse it?

I see Millennials as the most powerful generation that has ever graced the earth. Why is that, you ask? Millennials have all the tools at their disposal to become the most influential lot of people that will determine how the 21st century will go down in history books.

Subjects that scientists and philosophers of old have spent months, even lifetimes, to decipher through rigorous experiments, debates, and pondering in town halls, or under the stars, is now simply laid upon our light treading feet. Why think at all? Knowledge seems to be just a search engine click away. If knowledge is considered as power, then by God almighty, millennials are the most powerful of people.

But, what is power without the wisdom to wield it?

There is much more to a tree than wood and leaves. To withstand the unpredictable mood swings of mother nature, the tree understands; the higher it wants to reach for the skies, the deeper the roots have to unfurl in the earth to strengthen its stance. We are often swayed TOO easily by their majestic presence, marvel over crowns of branches, leaves, and blossoms; we fail to perceive the nurturing that happens below ground where everything we see on the surface is harnessed.

If power were a tree, it would only represent the attractive image we admire above grounds. Wisdom, on the other hand, would be the root exercising the power in the earth. The root clutches the soil as it decides how more power is acquired; when to use the power, and to what purpose. Its wisdom understands the purpose of their existence, adjusting its growth to see their purpose come to life. The wisdom of trees grants them the ability to survive whatever season, knowing whatever damage the tree endures, no matter how severe, in time it will recover — resilience, and flexibility.

The Millennial generation, once matured, are pivotal in leading the transition into a new era of vast adjustments unlike anything ever seen nor experienced by generations before us. In times of unceasing change where norms, values, and beliefs are constantly put to the test, our actions will determine how future generations will perceive the world.

This is the hidden power time has bestowed upon Millennials; one that, unfortunately, many take for granted or are simply unaware of having — the power to influence and affect change. The wisest understand to exert powers responsibly, as decisions once made come with consequences that often impact more parties, overwhelming initial expectations.

We decide how we want to be remembered decades or centuries from now. Embrace the power, and optimize it wisely.

 (Author : Karina Soerjanatamihardja  – @karinsoerja) ; 

A traditional Indonesian dancer and violinist since childhood, also a former Indonesian National Womens Rugby Union player, from a very young age Karin grew up with opportunities to pursue her versatile passions fiercely, to furthermore share her knowledge and experiences with those who may benefit from them.

Karin started speaking and facilitating in various sports for development, and World Rugby events and seminars around Indonesia and South East Asia since 2014. She joined KIS FM Jakarta in 2015 as a radio announcer, and continues to host and moderate numerous events. Finally, end of 2016 she decided it was time to channel her fiction-addiction and her hyperactive mind into writing. She is currently working on completing her first anthology, and is in the midst of setting up her first book blog, and social media campaign dedicated to promote recreational reading called “Paint Me Fiction”.

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