Ferro Ferizka – Community Ambassador Rumah Millennials

RumahMillennials.com | Ferro Ferizka (Digital Transformation Expert & Senior Manager Microsoft International Corporation). Ferro has more than 9 years of regional and global experience in technology industry covering a variety of roles from Technical, Marketing, Sales, Post Sales, and Engineering, in the world’s most valuable technology companies (Microsoft and IBM).

He was the youngest team members in Microsoft’s Worldwide Office Program Management Team, Titled as Worldwide Senior Program Manager. He is responsible for driving innovation within Customer experience lifecycle of Microsoft Office 365 and Windows. His strategy will help Microsoft ensure billions of dollars of revenue. 

Prior to his current position, he was Asia Senior Program Manager for Office 365 Engineering. He Defined the customer experience strategy for engineering team in China, Japan, and India. His strategy gave direction to more than 100 engineers in those regions.

Ferro started his career in Microsoft in Indonesia in 2010 as Product Marketing Manager. He played a prominent role in bringing Office 365 in Indonesia. He moved to Microsoft Asia Pacific after only less than 2 years in Microsoft Indonesia. He was offered a technology sales position for IBM South East Asia Region in 2013 before Microsoft called him back in 2014. 

Between 2014 until 2016, he was Microsoft’s Customer Success Lead for the Asia Pacific, as a part of elite 40 people globally whose job is to transform the way Microsoft does business and also to become digital transformation thought leaders for Fortune 500 companies in Asia. He helped more than 40 large Enterprises in 6 Asia Pacific Countries in his 2 years tenure. 

He was graduated from Universitas Gadjah Mada in Indonesia with honor (Cum laude). In his University years, he enjoys creating new technologies, from a smart toilet that can detect user’s health condition, to an interconnected system that enables to tackle human trafficking issue.

Ferro lives in Singapore but frequently travels between Singapore, Sydney, Jakarta, and Seattle, WA, USA.  

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