Gracia Paramitha

Gracia Paramitha @graciaparamitha is currently a lecturer at London School of Public Relations. She graduated her Master of International Relations from University of Indonesia. A passionate environmentalist, she is the first Indonesian youth to become the Global Youth Advisor to the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)’s TUNZA Programme. Gracia has been working with the Indonesian Ministry of Environment for almost 2 years, under the Bureau for Planning and International Cooperation. Her work focuses on international negotiations, diplomacy and security issues surrounding the environment. She was part of the Indonesian delegation to the UNFCCC COP 15 climate change conference in 2009 as well as the Rio+20 Earth Summit in 2012. At the local level, she is involved in waste management programs and green spaces development.

Gracia has many accomplishments under her name: she was the regional finalist for the 2013 Hult Prize in Dubai, awarded as “Distinguished Parlimentarian” at the 2012 Asia Pacific Youth Parliament for Water, as well as awarded the SUSI Scholarship by the US Department of State on Global Environmental Issues in 2010. She is also involved in youth issues by helping organize the 2012 International Youth Day 2012 Celebration. Her motto is “Sustainability is a necessity, it will be real if you have integrity.” Please listen to her inspiring message! #Millennials #Youth #Indonesia #StandUpMillennials

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